Lotte Karlsen's 'Off-Centre', 2006

Off-Centre by Lotte Karlsen (2006) - Currently exhibited as part of the Urban Growth installation in Green Modernism at CUBE Gallery.

Lotte Karlsen's 'Off-Centre' range of tableware was developed through the 'GoGlobal: Thailand programme.' Under this umbrella, a three month research residency entitled 'Massclusivity' enabled her to collaborate with industry and craftspeople in the hill tribe region of Chiang Mai.

The remit of 'GoGlobal: Thailand' is to address the sustainability of the region and its people, economically, socially and environmentally (both the natural and the built environment). This was dealt with here through the theme 'Massclusivity' - a term used to describe medium production with exclusivity. This is a burgeoning high end market which is ideally suited to small scale innovative and custome creativity. The project sought to forge working relationships which would make this market availiable to the traditional craftspeople of the area.

Although the production of a new product was not a necessary outcome for this scheme, the success of her collaborations led to the production of the 'Off-Centre' range of tableware shown here. This collaboration with local industry and craftspeople has laid firm groundwork for future sustainable production and distribution of 'Massclusive' products by the people of the region.

During her three month stay, Karlsen built a strong personal relationship with the region, developing a deep empathy and understanding for the people, their culture and skills. With this came an attendant desire to male certain that her work will continue to benefit the region and contribute to its sustainable future.

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