CUBE's Free Balloon Giveaway!

Come to the last day of Green Modernism and take home FREE helium balloons!

CUBE showcases a range of exciting and cutting-edge projects by artists, designers and architects of national and international significance committed to sustainable research. Through Green Modernism, CUBE aims to create a diverse and visually stunning array of exhibitions housed within our four galleries that explore, document and portray topical debates surrounding this issue.

Through an exciting and diverse range of media-installations Green Modernism asks: what does the future hold for us? And how we can all contribute to living in a greener more sustainable existence?

To continue this theme we are giving away helium balloons that were part of the Sustainable Soundscapes exhibition in Gallery Two. Come down to the exhibition on Saturday 26th May and leave with a balloon of your choice courtesy of CUBE!

SATURDAY 26TH MAY 2007 12 - 5:30PM

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