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Green Politics? Gaining Popularity? Do they really mean it? We need them to!

We need to move away from thinking that sustainability means sacrificing style, architecture and comfort.

It's a shame that the majority of us will only 'Go Green' when its too late.

Our profession (Architecture) should have the confidence to insist that our clients and contractors go down the more sustainable route.

Its nice to see ideas for new better houses, but the vast majority of us live in the existing housing stock. My ground floor flat has high Victorian ceilings, huge sash wondows and a very efficient chimney that empties most of the warm air onto the roof! What can be done? Nobody is going to pull these places down and re-build them!

The government need to make it impossible for us not to be green. Until then people will always choose the cheaper, easier and quicker option.

You want a green house? Paint it!

The human species is the cancer of this world. I hope in 20/30 years from now everyone in this world still has a future.

I understand and agree but I have a car and 3 computers and a warm house - how can I be converted?!

I do not think that modern sustainable architecture need be glass, steel and concrete. How can we maintain a feeling of beauty and nature in sustainable homes?

I used to have a tree house but it got cut down... I'd love to live in one though.

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