What is an Earthship? The Earthship Defined: The Earthship is a completely independent globally oriented dwelling unit made from materials that are indigenous to the entire planet. The major structural building component of the Earthship is recycled automobile tires filled with compacted earth to form a rammed earth brick encased in steel belted rubber. This brick and the resulting bearing walls it forms is virtually indestructible.

One very important aspect of the Earthship Concept is to be available to the masses. That is to say, it cannot be a multi-million dollar vessel that only the rich can afford. Everyone is entitled to voyage into the future. The concept, design, and actual method of manifestation of an Earthship must be developed with this in mind. In addition to interfacing with natural phenomena, this concept must interface with the nature of the common person.

The Packaged Earthship

The most economical & versatile Earthship in terms of construction and building. Pre-designed drawings and partially prefabricated construction packages available. The "Off-the-rack" aspect makes this a very "user friendly" approach for the owner/builder. This unit can be the easiest first step into the Earthship method of living. Sizes begin at a 607 square foot "Nest" studio and go up to a 3 bed, 2 bath Earthship and larger.

The Modular Earthship

Modular Earthships provide more sculptural rooms and greater variety of spaces than Packaged Earthships. Because every room surrounds you with thermal mass, the rooms provide an embracing thermal stability.

The Hybrid/Nautilus Earthship

Nautilus Earthship - The Nautilus is a unique spiral design based on a sea shell. Earthships interact with this planet's natural phenomena, the sun, the wind, the thermal mass of the earth, the rain, etc. There is another phenomenon, the spiral pattern in all life. The Nautilus Earthship interacts with this phenomenon.


Sustainable, Independent, living communities. Earthship Biotecture has developed three earthship communities to demonstrate and evolve sustainable lifestyle in sustainable housing in sustainable communities.

STAR - Social Transformation Alternative Republic - Located just west of Taos, NM. Started in 1992, 650 acres of rolling mesa where utilities cannot go. Very secluded and private community, currently not accepting new members. Planned to be open soon as a standard subdivision.

R.E.A.C.H. - Rural Earthship Alternative Community Habitat - Located in the mountains just north of Taos, NM. Started in 1989, 55 acres of steep mountain terrain where utilities cannot go. Extreme Earthship Community, currently not accepting new members.

EARTHSHIP COLONIES: Earthship Biotecture can be replicated, like a molecule to create giant Earthship Colonies, with little to no infrastructure. Using recycled materials, mainly giant piles of tires that are a major problem around the world.
House as Assemblage of by-products: A sustainable home must make use of indigenous materials, those occurring naturally in the local area.

For thousands and thousands of years, housing was built from found materials such as rock, earth, reeds and logs. Today, there are mountains of by-products of our civilization that are already made and delivered to all areas. These are the natural resources of the modern humanity. An Earthship must make use of these materials via techniques available to the common person. In a time when mortgage payments take up 75% of monthly income, homelessness is an epidemic and the stress is becoming a disease, housing must return to the grasp of the individual.

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