Charlie Baker's House Project

Front of House - the replaced window casements are mostly still unpainted, note the recycled oak gate but as yet untouched roof not a special house, the usual slightly ungraceful victorian semi, but with a full set of original windows including stained glass upper lights and 5 fireplaces.

Back of House - for some reason side hung windows at the front, sliding sashes at the back, all existing sashes now with double glazing draft seals and new counterweights.

Detail of a Sash Window - outer rebate replaced with a new hardwood (fsc certified of course) bead the parting bead (small bit between the 2 bits of window) is a new one with draft seal built in.

Bathroom Window Refurbished - plaster all fell off so it has been replaced with a layer of glass wool with a high recycled glass content under a layer of particle board, the top finish being polished plaster - a finish the romans invented but now available from keighley. watch this space to see how it goes on in a bathroom - well at least it's mine so i've no-one else to blame but myself if it fails - what else can you use here if you don't want to use plastics etc?

Detail of fsc - certified guariuba casement matching into old frame no draft sealed and double glazed in most places the stained glass has been given a piece of additional glazing on the inside to insulate it. the samuel heath window furniture was just for that extra bit if bling.

What a sash window frame looks like once you've whipped everything out.

Morso woodburner - usable in smoke control areas - heats most of the house. the paint above is so organic it grows fur in the pot but proper colours are now available. the embossed paper frieze above that is rogianl and is being left untouched by way of small bit of urban archaeology.

But where do you season all the timber we're going to need?


shubh cheema said...

It looks ok with pics but what about if u guys can explain it with actuall details , if u have used the window detail , it would have made more impact and i guess most of the archi guys will find it more explainatory . I would love to hear more about the green modernism .......

Anonymous said...

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