Anyone for takeaway?

As part of Architecture week 2007 CUBE & Taylor Young will be developing an off-site project called CUBE’s Takeaway Garden. Devised by artist Jason Minsky (left) it will run during the whole period of Architecture week (June 19th – June 23th) exhibited not only at CUBE gallery but at the Reknew Rooms, Liverpool and Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester City Centre. The theme of Architecture week this year is “How Green is Your Space?” and CUBE’s project will respond to this theme by offering free land and trees to the general public.

Join the green revolution…CUBE can offer the public greener lives by offering free Takeaway Gardens! CUBE’s Takeaway Garden will consist of bespoke take-away bags (recyclable) containing turf, soil, wildflower seeds and a young tree- all you need for your new garden! They will be handed out to CUBE visitors and the general public from a stand located in front of CUBE Gallery and a further location in the city centre. The project will be durational and take place everyday for three hours over lunch time in order to target office staff, tourists and shoppers alike. The public will be able to take their free gardens home with them and tend to them as they would do any garden. As new owners of these green spaces they will be asked to document these. Results will be published on the CUBE website and CUBE will also follow the whereabouts of the small gardens on a map of Manchester. These findings will be documented throughout Architecture week where visitors to the gallery will witness a greener Manchester and the cumulative effect of individual action.

Green space in Manchester city centre is at a premium with the ongoing development of high rise developments and the current trend of city centre living. We at CUBE have the opportunity to expand on the question ‘how green is your space?’ by offering free land and trees to the general public for the period of architecture week joining forces with local artists, architects and the council in their bid for Manchester to become the greenest city in the UK.
With all the new apartment developments in Manchester City Centre and beyond we are loosing crucial green space which is vital for habitats and health. The one thing a lot of these new builds have is a balcony. These spaces could become a haven for the production of green spaces.

CUBE’s Takeaway Garden is an exciting project that will give any member of the public the opportunity to own a green space enabling them to lead greener lives by offering free Takeaway Gardens. In our backyards and balconies, the gardens will grow, providing instant green space that will spread across Manchester and beyond. In the sad eventuality that these might get thrown away, CUBE’s takeaway gardens will grow in any environment-offering ‘greenness’ wherever it is placed. This will also act as a form of ‘Guerrilla gardening.’

CUBE’s Takeaway Garden aims to highlight the importance of living a greener existence, and to initiate individual action for global change. This exciting project has been devised and developed by artist Jason Minsky and landscape architects Taylor Young.

These beautiful FREE gardens will be available from CUBE 113-115 Portland Street, Manchester and The RENEW rooms, 82 Wood Street, Liverpool and Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester City Centre between 12-2.00pm.
For further information contact Ben or Liberty on 0161 237 5525

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Draw-a-rama said...

My lovely takeaway wild seed collection is sprouting already! Fantastic, thankyou