What is Green Modernism?

Green Modernism 12 April – May 26 2007
- An exhibition exploring the future of sustainable urban living
by the Centre for the Urban Built Environment, Manchester

This spring CUBE in Manchester will play host to the exhibition “Green Modernism”, exploring the future of sustainable urban living. This exhibition arrives at a crucial time as the effects of climate change are felt with increasing force, and it is important to suggest sustainable ways of living.

CUBE intends to confront this powerful issue with a thought provoking exhibition showcasing the latest ideas and designs for alternative, and greener, modes of existence and how they may be incorporated into our daily existence. The exhibition will contain a number of interlinked elements which will provide visitors with an in-depth exploration into the future of sustainable living

As part of the renowned Look ’07 photography festival, CUBE presents the photography of British artist David Spero in GALLERY 1. Visually documenting some of the most innovative and extreme examples of sustainable living in the UK, the artist presents us with an exciting collection of photographs tracing self-built dwellings of communities who have chosen to live off the land in a sustainable way.

GALLERY 2 will feature ‘Sustainable Soundscapes, a sensory installation that will contribute to the debate on sustainable living, by challenging 21st century living habits and proposing future models of sustainable living. Sound bytes taken from interviews with leading designers, academics, opinion maker and members of the public will contribute to a sensory landscape that will capture and expose the visitor to differing perspectives and ideas on sustainable living, encourage them to reassess their living habits.

In GALLERY 3 an ‘Interactive Media Hub’ will host the interactive content section of the exhibition with resources, information and debate, showcasing cutting edge examples of sustainable living, thinking and design. With the aim of inspiring a dialogue on the current status and future of sustainable living, CUBE will also host an interactive component to the exhibition where members of the public are invited to contribute their thoughts and responses to the debates raised via a feedback wall and an online “blogspot”.

In GALLERY 4, an exhibition of one of the most sustainable schools in the UK will draw together the key arguments for sustainable design. This award-winning design for an eco-friendly school by White Design Associates will be presented by CUBE in association with RIBA Competititons, and will act as a beacon of sustainable design for the modern age.

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